August 12, 2021

5 Signs Your Teen Has An Internet Addiction

5 Signs Your Teen Has An Internet Addiction

Are you wondering about 5 signs your teen has an internet addiction? If so you will need to read this post! Here you’ll learn about all of the warning signs of internet and tech addictions in teens and adolescents.  So read on!

Warning Signs of Teenage Internet Addiction

If you suspect that your teen may have an internet addiction, it is hoped that you can better understand the signs after reading this article. We are all familiar with teenagers and their phones, tablets, and laptops. They are a lifeline to their friends during one of the most difficult to navigate periods of their lives. Currently, they are used less as a means of communication with their parents and more to keep in touch with their peers and stay up to date on trends on the internet.  While smartphones are a “must-have” for teens, a way to fit in, some major issues can arise when they become too reliant on them.

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Teens can become obsessed with their favorite sites or apps when developing an internet addiction. They easily become absorbed in the online world and begin to ignore those closest to them in the real world. They may constantly feel the need to talk about these sites or apps and stress about keeping up with their fans and followers. While their focus turns to social media and the internet, they begin to lose interest in other activities they were previously involved in. This can include sports, hobbies, and spending time with friends.


Internet addiction can manifest itself in similar ways as addictions to other things, such as drugs or alcohol. Teens can start to feel irritable and moody — beyond the typical teenage hormones and attitudes — when their devices are taken away. The internet can serve as a vice, similar to drugs or alcohol. When that distraction is used daily and suddenly no longer readily available, some teens will have a hard time dealing with their emotions.

Disregard for Responsibilities

When teens are more concerned about checking their follower count, the amount of likes on a post, or progressing a video game, they often check out from doing other things. This will usually start with schoolwork, such as dropping grades, missing assignments, and disengagement in the classroom. But it can also spread to being defiant at home, not keeping up with chores, missing after-school work, and neglecting personal hygiene.  If you start to notice any of these things becoming a regular occurrence with your child coupled with excessive internet usage, it is likely a sign of internet addiction.


Per definition, internet addiction — as opposed to an internet dependency — is when the uncontrollable use of the internet begins to interfere with someone’s daily life in the real world. If the use of the internet gets to this level for your teen, they likely will start lying about the amount of time spent online. If you suspect your teen is trying to cover up their online activities or time spent on the internet, there are some steps you can take. Because this is becoming a widespread issue for many families, there are plenty of apps available that can help you monitor your teens time spent online and what they are doing during that period.

Anxiety and Depression

It is no secret that rates of anxiety and depression in teenagers is higher now than they have ever been. Many attribute this rise to increased internet access and smartphone usage. With access to social media at their fingertips, many teens will scroll for hours only to see perfectly curated lives, bodies, and faces, though often masked by filters. While this most often affects teenage girls, it does affect all teens. This often leads to insecurities, body dysmorphia, and a depressed outlook towards their own lives. This access also allows teens to share whatever they see fit on different platforms, leaving it up to the scrutiny of their peers. This can sometimes lead to cyberbullying which is linked closely with high teen suicide rates, anxiety and depression.

Know the Signs Of Tech and Internet Addiction

While this is just a handful of suggestions regarding behaviors to look out for, remember that you know your child best. Addiction can manifest in many ways. There may be other actions that are out of character for them. If your teen is experiencing any of these signs of internet addiction, know that you are not alone and there is help. 

Find Help For Your Child’s Addiction To The Internet And Technology

While there hasn’t been a ton of research on long term affects of internet addictions, we are observing some devastating results of acute short term affects in children.  Due to the fact that the internet and social media is a relatively recent phenomena, we can only infer what will be the result in say 50 or 60 years of long term obsessive internet use.

Your child or teenager’s brain development is being adversely affected by constant technology use.  For this reason its crucial you get help for your child as soon as you can to reverse what can be a catastrophic situation for him or her in adulthood.  Treatment centers such as Ascend Treatment And Wellness Center located in Rockaway NJ have specialized programs to treat teenage internet addiction.  Their address is 100 Enterprise Dr Suite 301, Rockaway, NJ 07866.  You can take a look at their listing on Google here.

We hope this post has been helpful.  You should now know the signs that your teen has an internet addiction and seek help as soon as you can.

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