May 2, 2021

More About Positive Psychology And Addiction Treatment

Positive Psychology And Treating Addiction

At Ascend, we take a similar approach to the one highlighted in this article. It’s a great introduction to positive psychology. It’s a refreshingly different way for therapists and their clients struggling with drinking problems or substance abuse problems to work together that avoids the demoralizing messages that bombard people with addictions in traditional treatment settings.

After working in the addiction field for over 20 years, I’ve found positive psychology and its associated techniques to be refreshing and empowering for me as a clinician and for my clients. As providers, we often speak about taking a strengths-based approach to treatment.

Yet often this intention does not translate into practice. Our goal is to draw on the inherent strengths that each client has and help you harness these assets through the use of proven techniques rooted in positive psychology.

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