Letter From Our Executive Director

Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center

A Letter From Our Executive Director, Anthony Polito

I founded Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center in 2018 after spending decades in the behavioral health field providing services to individuals with substance use and mental health problems.  I was frustrated with the way substance abuse and mental health services were being provided and decided to start Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center.

All too often treatment is determined by the type of insurance a person has, whether they have Out of Network (ONN) benefits (which have a higher level of reimbursement than contracted rates) or if a person has disposable income allowing them to pay for services, out of pocket, at a grossly inflated cost.  Treatment providers often place individuals in levels of care that benefit them, not the client.  Many treatment providers are profiting off of people’s suffering, by limiting access to clients who only have Out of Network benefits or  can afford to pay hundreds of dollars a session.

Now, more than ever, individuals, couples and families need access to high quality, evidence based, accessible and affordable counseling, provided by qualified, competent and compassionate professionals who are trained to treat an array of problems from substance use disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders, ADHD and family and marital discord.

Ascend is “In Network” with most major insurance providers.  When someone engages in services at Ascend, there are no hidden costs or fees.  Clients know from the start that their services are covered by insurance and they will only be responsible for their co-pay or co-insurance.  Clients know they are in the hands of a highly qualified, compassionate and licensed professional who will always put the clients’ needs first. We will be with the client every step of the way.

Collectively, our staff has over 60 years of combined experience treating an array of behavioral health problems.  Our staff has chosen Ascend as their employer because we believe managing one’s mental health should not be something that is only accessible to people who have the “right insurance” or the means to pay exorbitant fees.  We believe mental health is vital to living a full and vibrant life and we want to help people achieve this by being the premier provider of accessible and affordable behavioral health services.

We would be honored to assist you on your path to wellness.

Yours in wellness,

Anthony Polito