Mental Health Program Overview

Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center

Help For Mental Health & Addiction

Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center offers compassionate and professional treatment services for a variety of issues.  Our comprehensive program addresses a range of issues such as addiction, depression, anxiety and ADHD. Counseling takes place in a comfortable setting with a compassionate and experienced treatment team. Ascend Treatment and Wellness center offers a customized approach to treatment. We can assist with the wide range of obstacles that may be impacting your life and commit to helping you make it better. Our caring clinicians  look forward to assisting you on your recovery journey.  

Mental Health Program Overview

Outpatient counseling provides support for clients as they navigate challenges  in all stages of recovery. Clients attend up to two individual sessions per week and participate in group therapy. Some clients might stay in this level of care for several weeks or months as they develop the healthy coping skills they need to maintain sobriety even in the face of stress and other triggers.


Living with an untreated mental health disorder can cause problems in many different areas of life. The good news is that most mental health disorders are very treatable through outpatient counseling.  Ascend uses a variety of techniques and strategies to assist our clients in managing their mental health concerns.  

We can assist clients with managing the following conditions:

More About Our Mental Health Program

Ascend uses a combination of interventions to maximize outcomes.

Individual Counseling:  Clients can meet up to two times a week with a clinician to address their mental health concerns.

Psychoeducation:  Clients learn about mental health and ways to manage their mental health through individual and group counseling

Targeted Outpatient Group Therapy:  Ascend offers weekly group therapy  These groups blend psychoeducation with group processing  

Family Sessions:  Family support is integral to recovery.  Ascend offers family sessions which includes the client and their identified family.