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Counseling for Adults

Learn targeted, practical skills that increase resilience and inner strength.

Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center‘s individual mental health counseling for adults provides focused one-on-one treatment that teaches specific, practical skills that get adult men and women back on track.

Since you’re concerned, the best next step is to give us a call about your specific situation. We’re happy to be of service and talk through the red flags that are worrying you. 

When to worry about anxiety & depression.

It’s natural to feel occasionally sad or hopeless, or to worry that bad things might happen.

Adults face pressure from lots of directions: relationships, money and work, kids, aging parents and more. They face tough situations with big consequences:

Feeling anxious, worried and down tends to feed on itself. With professional help, you can break that cycle and get back to a happier place. 

Watch for these red flags.

No one's to blame.

Anxiety and depression are often simply the mind’s way of telling us that we need better ways to handle the situations we face.

Most of us aren’t born knowing how to “rewire” our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

We don’t instantaneously develop new ways to communicate in difficult situations.

We may not have problem-solving skills at our fingertips.

That’s why our treatment approach is evidence-based: it teaches proven skills that put you back in charge of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions. You learn effective ways to communicate even in really tough situations.

And you learn and practice problem-solving skills. 

Science-based techniques that improve anxiety and depression.

Medication for anxiety and depression.

We believe strongly that powerful prescription medications, while helpful for some clients, should be used with caution. They should not be the first or only treatment choice.

Medication to manage anxiety and depression should always be accompanied by ongoing cognitive-behavioral counseling.

This two-pronged approach helps minimize both dosage and the duration of medication use.

Our on-site psychiatric provider is available to screen and diagnose mental health and behavioral health conditions, and can prescribe psychiatric and mood management medications as needed, including ADHD medications. 

Frequently-asked questions

Maybe, maybe not. Feeling down or emotionally numb sometimes is common. If it’s frequent, or never really goes away, it makes sense to reach out for more happiness and peace of mind.

If you’re not sure whether you’d benefit from the Mind Over Mood program, just give us a call. We are happy to be of service and to talk through the situation that concerns you.

The Mind Over Mood program is specifically designed to deliver highly useful skills that quickly help you start feeling better.

Some counseling practices emphasize ongoing discussion and examination of thoughts, feelings and experience in your past.

Here, we emphasize learning new ways to change your future for the better.