Failure to Launch Workshop for Parents of Young Adults

Is your adult child "stuck" in the transition to adulthood?

"Failure to Launch" syndrome is an increasingly common condition affecting young adults ages 18-29 that has emerged over the past decade.

If these behaviors describe your child, this program can help you get them back on a positive path forward:

  • Seems stuck in a post-childhood, pre-adult stage
  • Seems unable or unwilling to move towards greater independence, greater responsibilities, or self-realization
  • Lacks motivation, direction, or purpose with no clear plan for the future
  • Provides little financial or emotional contribution to family or interpersonal relationships
  • Seems unable or refuse to seek employment, or is unemployed, under-employed, or minimally employed
  • Uses their video game system, phone, tablet, laptop or technology excessively
  • Isolates or withdraws from human connections in other unhealthy ways

Learn new ways to help your child

Our four-week program brings parents together in a supportive, positive environment to:

  • Receive professional and peer support that increases your confidence and lessens your frustration in dealing with this challenging situation
  • Learn coping skills for managing common issues like chores, laundry, car access or room cleanliness
  • Become familiar with new ways to communicate effectively with your child
  • Develop strategies to help your child move forward successfully

Cost & registration

Fee: $200 covers all four sessions.

This educational series may be covered by your HSA or HRA. It is not reimbursable by most health insurance.

To register, please call our office.