Expanded Outpatient Program For Adults

Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center

Expanded Outpatient Program For Adults

The Expanded Outpatient Program is for people 18 years of age or older focused on achieving sobriety or maintaining recovery when substance or alcohol abuse, drug or alcohol addiction, or substance use disorders and substance misuse are present.

It allows you to tailor your treatment approach to your unique needs. 

More About Our Adult Outpatient Program

Bridges the gap between outpatient therapy and IOP programs

Ascend’s Expanded Outpatient Program bridges the gap between once-weekly traditional outpatient therapy and the mandatory 9 hours/week commitment dictated by traditional Intensive Outpatient Programs.

It’s an excellent option if you:

A Variety Of Outpatient Services

Choose just the services you want

After your initial assessment, you and your therapist will decide together which combination of services best suits your needs. Your individualized program can include any combination of the following: