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Couples Counseling Overview

If you’re wondering “Should we get couples counseling?”, you’re not alone. Nearly every couple has problems at one time or another. Counseling to improve your relationship can pave the way for a happier future.  

Our couples counseling and marriage therapy services are available to married and non-married partners.  We offer:

Science-Based Techniques That Improve Relationships

We give couples proven evidence-based tools to break destructive patterns and develop healthier ones. By swapping harmful behaviors for healthier ones, disagreements can be resolved with less hurt and anger.

Repairing your relationship restores closeness and allows positive feelings for one another to re-emerge.

You’ll get plenty of practical strategies that you and your partner can start using immediately. For example:

These are proven, research-based methods to help couples reconnect. With practice, these lead to better ways of resolving differences. This builds more goodwill within the relationship.

These techniques work in all kinds of situations, not only with your spouse or partner. These can be used with any close personal relationship.

How Relationship Counseling Works

Each partner begins counseling with individual sessions with their own Ascend therapist. These individual sessions allow each person to feel more secure. It makes it easier to share your feelings and concerns more freely with your couples therapist. When the time is right, both partners and both therapists meet for joint sessions. 

Signs Your Relationship May Be In Trouble?

It’s natural to feel frustrated or angry with your partner and a certain amount of disagreement or arguing is normal.

Connection between a couple can erode over time when the relationship is constantly under stress from:


Common Relationship Complaints

How Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center Can Help:

Identify Relationship Red Flags

When Substance Abuse & Mood Disorders Are Involved

When one partner is being treated for a serious problem, couples counseling can make a tough road a little easier. Even when both of you think you can “get through it together”, things can fall apart.

Alcoholism and substance abuse, anger and mood disorders are hard on relationships. In fact, having these issues can make couples counseling even more helpful.

Counseling can help both partners handle the ups and downs that are common in these situations.

Of course, counseling is suitable for couples without those issues. Anyone struggling with their relationship or marriage can reach out to us. 


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