Preparing For Your Appointment

Ascend Treatment and Wellness Center

Preparing For Your Appointment With Ascend Treatment And Wellness Center

Before your visit to Ascend Treatment And Wellness Center, take a moment to reflect on these questions (and don’t worry, your therapist is here to support you too):

  1. What changes would I like to see in my life?
  2. What brings me joy and fulfillment that I want more of?

Acknowledge yourself for prioritizing your mental health, whether for yourself or your family. Remember, therapy is a journey that requires time; progress might be gradual from session to session, but with consistent effort, significant advancements can be made over time. Be transparent and open during your sessions. Your therapist is here to guide and support you. Each individual’s therapeutic journey is unique. It’s important to give yourself some time after your initial session to assess if it feels right for you. However, if you feel the connection with your therapist isn’t ideal for any reason, reach out to us and we’ll assist you in finding a better match.

Telehealth Appointments

Visit this page here for information on our Telehealth appointments and steps to take prior to your virtual session.  You may also contact us if you have any questions.