May 2, 2021

Ascend: Where Science Meets Compassion, Empathy and Understanding

I have been in the field of addiction treatment for over 20 years and people often ask, why is your facility different than another facility? Lately, when someone asks me this
question, I authentically answer “because what we do is empirically driven and has shown to be effective in treating a wide array of behavioral issues.” Our goal is not only to arrest substance misuse or distressing psychological symptoms, but to also help guide people to a truly purposeful and engaging life. Essentially, our goals is to help people become the best version of themselves.

So why do I bring this up to you? Because I want to be honest.

Happiness and well-being can be improved through habits, changing your thinking styles, and changing behaviors–all leading to more positive emotions and a richer life.

Ascend is here to provide you with the tools you need to arrest or reduce your substance misuse and reduce your psychological distress — and to provide you with skills and techniques that can truly improve your overall well-being through the use of positive psychology.

We are not settling for the status-quo, cookie-cutter, typical treatment center experience for substance disorders, drug abuse or alcoholism. The typical experience doesn’t motivate us at all as  therapists, and it doesn’t motivate me as a business owner.

We are where science meets compassion, empathy and understanding. We don’t run cookie-cutter sessions, we don’t provide cookie-cutter answers, and we don’t treat you like a number.

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