Anxiety Management Program

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Anxiety Management Program

Anxiety Management Program For Adults, Teens, and Adolescents
Change Your Relationship With Anxiety

Anxiety can cause problems in many aspects of your life. This workshop gives you the knowledge and tools to deal more effectively with your anxiety. 

A four-week educational series solution that dispels myths and teaches targeted, practical skills.

Anxiety treatment is led by an Ascend therapist, this highly interactive workshop provides both professional and peer support for people who feel that anxiety is holding them back from realizing their full potential.

The purpose of this program is to share information, teach new skills, and provide support to help you deal more confidently and successfully with your feelings of anxiety.

You’ll find a safe, non-judgmental setting where the focus is on helping you quickly improve the quality of your day-to-day life. 

For adults or teens

Our Adult Anxiety Management Program is for people 18 years old and up.

Our Teen & Adolescent Anxiety Management Workshop is for people aged 14-17 years old. 

Is this program right for me?

Our anxiety counseling is a good choice if you or your loved one:

The latest science plus effective strategies

At the end of this four-week program, you’ll:

You also have the option of seeling one of our clinicians weekly as an adjunct to this series. 

Cost & registration

Fee: $200 covers all four sessions.

This educational series may be covered by your HSA or HRA. It is not reimbursable by most health insurance.

To register for anxiety therapy in Rockaway, please call our office.