Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery

Each path is unique.

One person may go months without drinking -- and then binge.

Another may be dealing with chronic pain and recovering from opioid addiction while holding down a full-time job.

Yet another may have started experimenting with street drugs in high school, or college.

And another may find that after years of sobriety, life changes now place them at risk of relapse -- job stress, divorce, troubled kids, caring for an elderly parent.

How could a single treatment plan possibly fit such different scenarios?

It can't.

Your treatment plan should be unique too.

Research (and common sense) tells us that the most effective treatment plan for substance abuse, substance use disorders, substance misuse and alcohol addiction is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

That's why we develop an individual plan for each client, tailored to your specific circumstances.

We want to understand you as a person -- and we see you as more than just another person fighting addiction.

When you become an Ascend client, your treatment begins with a detailed informational interview so that we can start understanding your treatment goals and your individual barriers to success.

We cover:

  • Your individual and family history
  • Your medical history
  • The life experiences mostly closely tied to your substance and alcohol use
  • Your current life circumstances and priorities

You'll get our detailed individualized treatment recommendation following this assessment, designed to help you identify, develop and strengthen the skills and capabilities you  need to stay sober and avoid relapse.