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Flexible and customized individual, couples, group and family counseling

Online Anger Management Group

Meets every Thursday for 6-8 weeks.
Starts Thursday, May 13, 2021.

Weekly counselor-led group therapy meets online to help you learn:

How to recognize and control your body's sensations of anger

Techniques to separate how you feel from how you think and act

New and effective methods to de-escalate angry feelings

Successful ways to handle upsetting or other negative feelings

In-network for most major medical plans. Self-pay available.

Telephone & Video Therapy Available

Emotional health and physical health go hand-in hand.

Stay resilient despite challenges and uncertainty.

Protect the progress you've already made.

Available for new and continuing clients.

Covered by most insurers. Self-pay options also available.


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Substance, Drug and Alcohol Treatment & Recovery

Individual & Family Therapy & Counseling

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Teens & Young Adults

Marijuana early intervention & treatment, street drug, prescription drug and alcohol abuse treatment

Slipping grades and school-related stress and anxiety, including ADD/ADHD and other attention disorders

Bipolar or manic-depressive disorders


Women's Health

Insightful counseling and therapy tailored to women's unique experiences with substance use and emotional, psychological and mental health, including:

Expanded outpatient program and individual treatment for prescription drug & alcohol abuse & self-medication

Depression, anxiety, stress and other mood-related concerns

Difficulty navigating complex family relationships

Men's Health

Research-based expanded outpatient program and individual substance & alcohol abuse counseling & treatment for men's unique psychological concerns, including:

Prescription drug, street drug and alcohol abuse, recovery and sobriety

Anger management, emotional regulation and communication

Depression and anxiety related to job and employment concerns and physical disability


Unhappy couple considering counseling


Counseling for spouses, life partners and new couples struggling with lingering resentment and arguments, codependency, gaslighting, betrayal and empathic rupture

Blend of individual counseling with assigned therapist and joint counseling sessions where both partners and both therapists meet together

Learn evidence-based ways to restore trusting, secure relationships even when serious issues like mood or substance disordered are present.



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